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Give Your Home a Face-Lift

              with the Removal of Roof Stains & Mold

No one enjoys the day they pull into the driveway and notice black spots or streaks forming on their asphalt roof shingles. Most homeowners assume something has failed and the shingle surface granules have fallen off; fortunately, granule loss is a common myth when investigating roof cleaning.

House, Roof Stains in Tewksbury, MA

Most likely, the dark green/black roof stains robbing your home of curb appeal are most pronounced on the North and East sides of your asphalt shingles. It's not dirt, and it's not random; your asphalt shingles are loaded with crushed limestone filler which is a nutrient source for Gloeocapsa Magma, a hardy green-blue form of roof algae that uses the nutrients in your shingles, moisture from rain, and sunlight to grow and spread.

The roof algae, often called roof mold, is spread by wind and animals, and can't be prevented. But luckily roof mold can be removed! You don't need to replace your roof if roof stains just appeared, but you do need to clean the shingles. Count on the professionals at The Roof Cleaner for a deep, lasting roof cleaning.

Protect the Value of Your Investment 
Are you selling your home? Most Realtors® will tell you curb appeal is everything. Those large black roof stains can take away from your home's value, and cleaning the roof is the most affordable way to increase your home's value and aesthetic appeal. If your home doesn't look good from the street, potential buyers won't go in to see the rest of your home, thus killing some sales before they even start. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

Ensure the long life of your quality roof with services from our experts in
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